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Sunday, June 8, 2014


Theme : Destruction
In this project, I chose to take pictures of Destruction. I thought that broken items would be excellent 
examples of destruction.

This is a picture of my broken smartphone. I got someone to hold the phone at an angle against the floor. I added special effects such as blur and lens flare using Adobe Photoshop CC. I played with the contrast and saturation levels, and was able to achieve the final piece. The lens flare gave the picture character. It truly made it look haunting. The blurring of the background shows depth in this picture. The shadow cast by the phone on the ground adds to the three-dimensionality. This picture is taken from the perspective of the ground, depicting how the falling of a smartphone may have looked when viewed from the ground. I feel that the background displays negative space, as the blurring caused it to be non-distractive. The major figure here is the smartphone. The orangish light caused by the lens flare is exactly at the point of intersection of the rule of thirds lines. The horizon line here is the edge of the carpet. It isn't entirely visible. as the background has been blurred. However, the orange carpet can be somewhat seen in the un-edited picture.

Green Horror
This is a picture of an abandoned land plot. It was taken from my balcony (bird's eye view). It shows how the plants and trees have taken over, destroying the house and the lawns. 8 years ago, it used to be a huge house, with lush gardens, but was later brought down. In the foreground, the so called 'lawn' can be seen, and the background shows the destroyed house. There really isn't any frame in this picture. However, I feel that the boundary walls do a good job of dividing the picture into different parts. The picture is not symmetrical, but it still is balanced. The trees divide up almost equally, showing balance. The cars add a little more weight on the top-left corner, but the wide tree in the bottom-right corner balances it out.  The major figure in this picture is the house, even though it doesn't take up most of the space. The Asymmetrical balance adds to the variety in the image. I think that the barren ground is quite interesting, as at least 10 shades of brown are visible. 

This is a picture of a broken antennae. It was knocked over by the wind. The black pieces are the bases for the antennae.  Wires and broken pieces of wood can be seen in the background. 

This is a picture of a satellite dish that was knocked over by the wind. The scattered wires are also visible.

This is a picture of a barren piece of land where a house used to exist. The house was demolished, and the land was never sold off.

Battery Blast
This is a picture of a battery that was smashed on the ground. I tried to maximize negative space (the floor). The three components are placed at the intersecting points of the rule of thirds lines. I feel that this picture is an excellent representation of destruction as the battery was DESTROYED.

This is a picture of my broken MacBook Air Screen.

This is a picture I took of a twisted suit hanger.

This is a picture of a dented metallic surface (my geometry box). Its interesting how the surface reflects the light.

This is a picture of a cologne bottle that was never used because of a faulty nozzle. The nozzle is removed and rests on the adidas logo in the picture.

This is a picture of a broken door hinge at my house. (DISGUSTING, and destroyed because I kept slamming the Door)

This is a picture of my mom's twisted glasses.
This is a picture of my dad's first phone. It was destroyed when it was run over by my dad's car (seriously). The portrait (vertical) shot is on purpose to give the viewer an idea of the size of the phone.

The Time Bomb
This is a picture of a watch that I think closely represents a watch used to detonate a time bomb . (James Bond)
This is a picture of a broken airplane controller. The circuit board is a good representation of destruction.

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  1. I really like the first and second photos on the first is very cool editing and the second really describes what destruction is or what happen that causes this to be destruction.