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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Black n' White Photography - Questions Answered

Why choose to do photos in black and white?
Black and white photography is versatile, which means that it looks good in portraits, landscapes, and architecture. Colors can sometimes be distracting. White and black photography eliminates any chances of distractions because of color.

What kind of lighting is best for white and black photography?
Bright lighting is the best for white and black photography. The black elements are sometimes too dark, and need an uplift to be noticed. So, bright lighting is the best for white and black photography.

What are some good subjects to shoot in black and white?
Faces of people are good subjects for white and black photography, as the texture of the skin is clearly visible. Animals are also common subjects in black and white photography.

What are the possible negatives of black & white photography?
Black and white pictures can sometimes be monotonous. They may be too dark, and may not be the best to show happy occasions.

5 pictures of black and white photography.

Photo credited to
Photo credited to : Photopoly
Photo credited to : Darren Rowse

Photo credited to : Andrew Godal
Photo credited to : Marcus Puschmann

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