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Thursday, February 13, 2014

Composition Techniques

The massive fall to earth
This is a picture of a piece of equipment at my school's playground. It was interesting, and it reprinted angles, and lines.

The crunchy sky pie
This is a picture of a hanging wheel at the playground. It looked like a pie, and was nice to take a picture of.

The journey to paradise
The slide shows emphasis as it leads the person through curves. It is also very dramatic.

The hole was very interesting. It is the entrance to a slide.

Prison, from God's view
The bars represented a prison, and since it is a bird's eye view, it has interesting angles.
The Roller-coaster
This picture leads the person through, and is very interesting.

SpyCam - The secret thief...
This is a picture of a camera. It was hidden, and is truly a secret stealer.
Water in a desert
It shows the rusty knob, which shows emphasis, as it takes up most of the picture.

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