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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Balance, Symmetry, Color, Rhythm, Negative Space

Fabulous Las Vegas
(Depth of field)
This is a picture of the very famous "Welcome to Las Vegas" sign. It looks as if I am holding it up in the air. It is actually a fridge magnet.

The Urban Greenery
This picture is composed of three main colors - green for the grass, off white for the buildings, and pale blue for the sky.

Sunny Side Up
(Negative Space)
This picture is completely composed of negative space, having no subject other than the sky.

Dancing Diamonds
(Color, Symmetry, Balance)
This is a picture of an arrangement of decorations. It is full of color, and represents balance and symmetry.

The X in the V
(Symmetry, Balance)
This is a picture of the V formed by the intersection of the legs of a table. It is very interesting because it has an X within it.

The little Giant
This picture is not symmetrical, but I feel that the tree is equally divided on both sides, and represents balance.

This picture represents the rhythm of water as it flows.

 Green Leaves
This is a picture of leaves. Even though it is not symmetrical, it represents balance because the leaves are almost equally divided in both halves.
The Hairy Beast
This is a picture of a palm tree trunk. The lines move the person to and fro. It represents rhythm.

The Zipper
(Symmetry, Balance)
This is a picture of a shade at the playground. The stitched part looked like a zipper, and it interested me.

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